Commercial buildings to Craft Products

SimCity BuildIt is a great mobile game that is played by all constructive thinkers and gamers. As the mayor, the player can move with a positive attitude as he has to build a good city and earn good citizens and keep trade activities moving properly as well as providing all types of essential services to the town. The city has its citizens in the residential zone while it manufactures and crafts items in the factories and industries in the commercial and industrial zone. The commercial buildings are useful as they are stores and markets that provide essential products to the citizens in the neighborhood. Commercial Buildings are important economic developers of the city. The commercial buildings such as farmers market, furniture store, gardening supplies, donut shop, etc., are various shops found in the city. These buildings sell various types of products to the residents of the city and require good road connections to transport goods into the building and for distribution to various locations too.

Locating a Commercial Building

You can tap on the icon to locate the commercial building that is required in the city. The building price and the XP to be reached are stated in the icon. When you select a particular commercial building, you can drag it into the city map. A good neighborhood contains essential commercial buildings to provide various products to the residents around it. The mayor should take care to place the commercial building with good road connection. The commercial building can also be moved to other location, if the mayor is not satisfied with the present location. As these commercial buildings are an integral part of the neighborhood, they are not bulldozed.

Crafting in Commercial Buildings

SimCity Buildit Guide

Various items are crafted in the commercial buildings. The product crafted, the crafting time, the required items are some of the details that are shown about the item when it is tapped upon on the commercial building. When the mayor wants any item, he can drag the items onto the top of the commercial buildings. When crafting process starts, all the items that are required will be taken from the City Storage and the crafting process continues. Once the process is over, they will appear again as finished goods on the top of the commercial buildings and transferred to the City Storage to be stored. The production slots will then produce the next items for crafting, once they become free of their finished goods. A commercial building has to be open and be in the process of continuous crafting, to be productive. Otherwise it will go into the sleep mode with the “zzz” icon appearing on top of the commercial building. As the player continues his game, his city gets upgraded and he can unlock many commercial buildings to fill his city. Each process involves a lot of time and money which the player has to acquire as he builds his city. This can also be acquired through free simoleons using simcity buildit guide to proceed faster and craft more items in his simcity buildit game.

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